Canned Hunting - The Truth Behind It All

Canned hunting is one of the most controversial and criticized forms of hunting that surprisingly exists today. 

This is a form of trophy hunting, where wealthy hunters breed their prey for the purpose of being killed for entertainment. 

Taken away from my loving mother... I just wanted to be free and saved...

I was enclosed in a very filthy cage with other unfriendly lions.

Who was responsible for all of this?
All of us were starving due to the food shortage...
The reserve had food for 900 of us, but 4000 of us were present.

The day arrived... Something was given to me.
Suddenly I fell asleep...
When a rusty, nasty man in a brown coat appeared and grabbed me out my cage.

I was shaking in fear. He was so tall and broad.

"You're coming with me!" he yelled.
Where was I being taken?

My eyes became heavier than rocks and I felt myself drifting off into a deep sleep.

If only I could fight back and make a run for it.

I woke up on an open field. Barely able to recognise my paws...
Next, the man in the brown coat appeared again.

My body tensed up as I saw it pointing in my direction…
I heard a loud noise. Then everything went dark.

That's the life for many lions.
We understand the emotions and frustration people have towards this industry. 
The ones lost can't be revived, but others can be saved as long as action is taken today.
Canned lion hunting is a practice that must be banned with your help
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